Monday, April 23, 2012

Zimmerman Released.

G'day Every one.

If you could watch a man who killed a teenager walk out of jail after just paying a mere $15,000 bail bond, then something is wrong with our justice system.

Zimmerman walks out

I will bet you every community in the USA is watching closely now for signs of George Zimmerman staying among them. If they see him, they'll tell him: "Move along, we don't want your death here" chant.

When I say some thing's wrong with our Justice system, I mean it. Zimmerman had prior run-ins with the law. Even if a judge say it's "run of the mill", it should be cause for concern. He should be kept in jail.

When I look at judges who set bonds for people like: some one who has massive amounts of child porn at $1 million dollars (after only the Federal Government gets involved to assist the state), racial killing (two white men kill black people) at $2 million each (firm bond), and the nurse who killed a lady to steal her baby held at $3 million dollars, Guess what? These people are NOT getting out because they *MUST* raise the entire bond amount. The difference is: These people did a lot more serious crime.

However, when I mention 3 people who killed people in the exact like fashion that Zimmerman did, then you got to wonder why these people are being held and why Zimmerman gets to walk out on bond?

Zimmerman better hope that O'Mara, his lawyer, isn't wrong about defending him. The chances of Zimmerman being found guilty just increased more than staying behind bars, which is where he should remain for his safety.

So it's really justified that Treyvon Martin's family is upset at the judge who let Zimmerman out. But could Florida Politics come into play that could put Zimmerman back in jail soon? Even affect upcoming court trial for Zimmerman? It's possible. Very possible.

How much hope does Zimmerman have of being found NOT GUILTY for shooting Trevyon Martin? It's so small of a hope. Many people rather wish that Zimmerman remained in Jail. But I'll bet you that when he's found GUILTY in court, he'll be slapped in extreme cuffs so fast, he's going to wish he remained in jail for time served credit.

Lay low, Zimmerman. Because your time will soon happen. Pray like you never have before. Count your temporary precious freedom and soak it in. The day you head back to court will be the day fate goes against you.

One last thing: Judges, don't let suspected killers walk out of jail on bonds. Keep them behind bars please. Protect society.

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