Thursday, February 16, 2012

Underwear bomber sent away for LIFE!

G'day Everyone.

If the underwear bomber ever wants to appeal his sentence, he's got an uphill battle that he most likely will have to wait for his turn at the judgement seat. That is not just on the court of earth, but at King Jesus.

The underwear's remarks in court..

I heard him earlier on the newscasts of ABC news and CNN of saying "Allah is great" and "I'm proud to have attempted to kill for god". So while he bitches about cruel and unusual punishment of his L-I-F-E (LIFE) sentence that was given to him, he thinks he'll be free one day.

But most certainly to say, this poor fella will not have a chance to appeal his convictions. Not here on earth but he'll have to convince KING JESUS if he wants to live in the after life.

Most terrorists wind up dead and in hell. Most never realize their true life until it's too late.

For this bomber? May he rot behind bars and never breath another breath of fresh air ever again. Terrorism has a price of total failure.

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