Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Passing (soon) of Joe Paterno

G'day Everyone.

It is NOT a good day this week in Football. Not really. Last night, we were all told that Joe Paterno's cancer situation has taken a turn for worse and was listed in Serious Condition in the State College Nittany Valley Hospital.

Other reports have said that he was near death as well.

In Truth: Joe Paterno is dying of a broken heart. A broken heart of a series of betrayals: Sandusky, his crime of fucking kids. Mike McQueery, first he says he saw sandusky doing it and now he says he didn't. McQueery said he went to the police, but there's no actual record. Penn State University Board of Trustees: It was their Ultimate decision to NOT accept Joe Paterno's resignation so that they had an opportunity to FIRE HIM based on what Sandusky did and what Mike McQueery said.

In all of that, it is no wonder why Joe Paterno loved his PSU football team. After all of the years that he's done for the PSU and watching his retirement years vanish before him, it is no wonder why he's dying.

Sandusky may not even be able to say his personal apologies to Joe Paterno, but would be told to stay the hell way, even stay away from the funeral. McQueery, on the other hand, should remain where he is: Protected until the trial.

For all of us in the PSU community, Joe Paterno is a wonderful individual. Death isn't fair. But God judges as well.

If Joe Paterno does pass on soon, the entire Pennsylvania state will be in mourning. Let's hope the PSU Board of Trustees realizes their own mistakes before it's too late. But if it gets to be too late, they may not be able to save anything of their community.

But until next post, Please pray for the Paterno family. Thank you.

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