Thursday, January 5, 2012

Passing the mid-week of the first week of 2012

G'day Everyone.

Well, the first few days of 2012 has just passed it's first over the hump (mid-week) of the year.

How do you think most people are reacting? Some positive. Some negative.
Especially since the first Iowa Primary had a lot of wins and losers. The one lone GOP candidate that Sherlock wanted to see on the ballot this year was Michele Bachmann. This woman was very courageous and wonderful to watch. But she didn't have a choice when she wasn't considered a candidate. She resigned and will continue her term in congress. We definitely need people like her a lot more.

Right now, in Congress itself: it's still on "vacation". But President Obama made a recess appointment of which could further cause new problems for Obama and Congress. Could anything be really done in our government this year while it's still a presidential election?

Finally, if you seen the winter classic of the NY Rangers vs Philly Flyers (I missed the game so I don't know who won. ahh just found out.. it was the rangers.) on TV that was in Philly, Fan violence is getting out of control.
The Philadelphia police department is asking for the public help in identifying those who attacked other people.
Here's the Link: Philly Fan Clash

Nobody doesn't like what happened at the game. But it certainly doesn't give it a right for a Philly fan to beat up a ranger fan to near death.

For what must be done, we do need people to step up and turn the fans gone respectfully bad into the police so that they can sit in a permanent time-out and possible being banned from all NHL games.

Let's face it, sports games are supposed to be enjoyable. However, when it comes to the LSU/Alabama games soon, police are really going to have to remind fans to be respectful of each other, no matter how the outcome goes. You can always blame it on the poor referee in the comments.
And if you don't like the other team's fans, then do the public a favor: Stay home and throw your fake TV brick at them.

Well, until next post, sit tight and I'll clue you in!

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