Monday, January 9, 2012


G'day Everyone.

Tonight, the people who run the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) might find themselves in the biggest controversial moments of their life when it finally happens.

Tonight is supposed to be billed as the Re-Re-match of the college football game between L.S.U. Tigers vs Alabama Tides (the elephants). This isn't just for bragging rights, but for the national BCS title.

However, expect this to be the most VIOLENT football game of all games tonight. It may force the people of BCS to finally consider a proper football play-off system. So see what happens tonight.

My bet is on LSU Tigers to win it all.

Meanwhile, if you are done tebowing for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos, it has been said that that Tim Tebow had better not come to Pennsylvania at any time right now. It was a controversial shocker last night when it just took one throw from Tim Tebow to win the game. Many people said it was unfair and very unpopular finish to the game.
If Tim Tebow's throw does become a full discussion in the off-season, it may lead to new changes in the Overtime rules itself.
Right now, Pittsburgh has pleaded to the New England Patriots to gun down the Broncos. It could happen. Hopefully!

So, here's the coming football play-offs:
January 14:
New Orleans Saints face the San Francisco 49ers: my bet is that the 49ers with pick-axes so sharp, they'll nail the saints to the turf. Expect the 49ers to win.
Expect the Broncos to be gunned down by the New England Pats. Hopefully, Tim will run himself out of the game before he really gets hurt.

January 15: Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens. There's a good chance that Ravens may have their feathers branded badly before they can peck their escape from the Texans. But that might come with a costly price.
The New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers. This game could get a very sticky mess. But expect the cheese to go flying all over the place. Chances are good that the cheese will have a serious melt down as the Giants smash their way to a solid win.

As far as things happen, tonight will be the ugly mess. Tune in to your favorite TV set and don't be late. Enjoy the game. And please, keep your TV bricks soft.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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