Friday, December 2, 2011

PSU's bitter departure of Paterno

Update: From USA Today:

If USA Today's reporting is accurate as it is, then PSU is really in trouble for jumping the gun soon.


G'day Everyone.

Penn State University (PSU) is NOT waiting for any TRUTH to come out from the coming court actions in reguards to Jerry Sandusky. What's happening is that PSU is rushing to clean their house and doesn't care about who gets in trouble with the law.


If the truth comes out and Joe Paterno is found innocent of any wrong doing during his time at PSU, Penn State could face a long protracted legal battle with the Elderly Paterno. But any hope of restoring him to his rightful place could already be lost as his health may well be in decline.

Sandusky is already facing one court action this coming next week and a lawsuit is already under way that undermine a lot of things in the near future.

So, the changes are happening at PSU. But will they be for good or bad? A lot of people say that PSU is reacting too fast. Even though they said "We'll name a new football coach before we head to the bowl game (if they ever get into a minor bowl).

NOTE: Sports Illustrated released a possible bowl projection:

And if you are watching college football this weekend, the game of the year is this: LSU Tigers vs Georgia Bulldogs. But if it's any indication, LSU is going to OUT CLAW Georgia. I'm going to bet this.. LSU 60 Georgia 44.

Enjoy the weekend! Till next post..yeah.. more clues!

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