Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mercy in the house of Law?

Update: Rod Blagojevich was just sentenced to 14 years in prison.
Was his apology effective while he acknowledges he's done the crimes? Even if he appeals, another judge could possible tack on more time. Blagojevich should consider himself lucky that he's given 90 days to prepare his affairs. It's too bad the judge didn't take him into prison as of January 2nd, 2012. Blagojevich deserves to be behind bars asap.

G'day Everyone.

Justice some times has mercy. Especially during the holiday season of Christmas. Some judges do hand out mercy when it's not only asked upon demand, but the merits of the case.

No matter how you look at it, The Yehs were given some measure of "mercy" in the Viable case while more of their cohorts in crime could well be looking at time in prison for attempts to defraud our U.S. Government. Personally, I did not like the video of John Yeh at the grave of his parents. He should have respectfully said of what he said in the court in an office setting. More formal apology.

Moving on: Today, we are presently aware that another Sandusky victim has come forward. Link:

If there's any indication that Sandusky should be aware of, he should spare his family and have the holidays at home quickly as possible while he can. He should put his affairs in order and prepare to spend some jail/prison time and stay in protective custody. Nobody isn't going to give any mercy to him. Not even Joe Paterno either.

Speaking on Joe Paterno, mercy ought to be extended to him. PSU may well be shooting themselves in the foot as to have fired him. While PSU will play against University of Houston in a very minor bowl game, Paterno happens to be focused on his health issues at hand. In the coming days of court, expect Paterno to speak out against Sandusky. If anything, Paterno will let loose at good rant on Sandusky and the media will regret of what they done.

Long at last: The former Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich is expected to PLEAD to the court and beg for mercy. Does "I'm innocent" and Mercy go hand-in-hand? Think about it as you read the link:

If there's any indication on this court, I think the judge will sentence Blagojevich to a full LONG TIME prison sentence for helping to get Obama elected. Blagojevich is only the fall guy here.

But beyond that, is 2012. Blagojevich won't see any political future for himself nor watch his family grow up more. Blagojevich should have considered the welfare of his family first before trying to crook his way into political power. Perhaps he will be aware of his life once the cell door locks him in for a good long while.
Maybe then he will be more inclined to seek the mercy of God instead.

Mercy and justice some times does go hand-in-hand, when the case merits it. Not just at the holiday season, but at any time God directs it. True mercy comes from God himself. Through the power of prayer.

So until next post, seek God and his true Mercy at this Christmas season.

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