Friday, December 2, 2011


G'day Everyone.

Millions of the long term unemployed people have thrown their infamous (SOFT rubber) TV BRICKS at their TV sets when CNN reported that the unemployment rate fell 9%.


The millions of the long term unemployed have shouted "HOGWASH!!" at the report and have written to St. Nick (Santa Claus) to leave coal for every employer that fails to hire the long term unemployed and/or disabled people out there.

Unless this is a true hiring season that continues through 2012 and employers hire the long term unemployed and the disabled people, then it can be believed that our economy is coming back in our nation.

But until then: The report is NOT to be believed, called hog wash and may those who set this report out find some BILLIONS of REAL COAL to fire up their coal stoves for the long isolated cold season alone.

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