Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sandusky should be sitting in a jail cell.

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G'day Everyone.

With the serious charges laid upon Jerry Sandusky, Penn State stand ruined in it's present state.

However, many people are thinking after reading this article:

Jerry Sandusky should be sitting in a jail cell. Yet, Sandusky is already out on bail and saying that he can prove his innocence. Mike McQueary, the lone witness to Jerry Sandusky's crime, is already out in hiding because of what he failed to do. Joe Paterno and other PSU officials have already lawyer up ahead of the criminal court proceedings that Jerry Sandusky will face December 7th.

At the same time, Gov. Tom Corbett proposes a law change: Link:

However, Sandusky, McQueary, and Paterno ought to feel revulsion and shame as they watched the first of the 3 games go down into losses for PSU's team.

But when the final game is over in Wisconsin, it is many of the players that wil have to decide if they want to remain with the PSU football program or leave to go to a school that has better academic and football standards. PSU officials themselves now have to look at the decision if they'll keep football and rebuild it or decide to end it all.

This point, it's Jerry Sandusky. Jerry ought to use his "precious freedom" days few as possible to put his end of life together and then report right back to jail for his own protection.

Why should Jerry Sandusky be sitting in a jail cell? For starters, it's for his own protection and safety from the community people out there. ESPECIALLY from the alumni and present Football players. Another reason is that he could get a head start on his possible end of life in prison (We're talking about 630 years total here).

Whatever Jerry Sandusky decides to do, he better make it count because nothing that he can say improves his future chances.

Until then.. farewell to Sandusky.

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