Monday, November 7, 2011

Joe Paterno: Possible gone for good!

G'day Everyone.

This one hit on the web today. It could be in 3 weeks (and one maybe football play-off), Head Coach Joe Paterno might fully be gone from PSU for good.

In manyof the years, everyone has begged Joe Paterno to step down before something awful happened at PSU.

Then last Saturday, November 5th, the sex scandal bomb shell hit the news across the nation of what happened at PSU.

Now, the sporting reports something MUCH more:

Joe Paterno may not be the one in trouble here, but Jerry Sandusky is. HOWEVER, Joe stayed on in the years that followed to build up a legacy of a life time of more wins than losses and having a firm grip in history.


Paterno's Legacy could get wiped out completely if Jerry Sandusky implicates him or if the court calls Paterno in for a testimony.

Whatever it is, this is a pain and obvious time for Joe Paterno. May be Joe Paterno had hoped that God would call him home already long before this came up. Obviously no. God didn't call.

Which means, Paterno and his staff better focus on 4 big games: Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin, and if they win the 3 games.. one final play-off game for Paterno.

This is NOT the way anyone would have imagine Paterno to leave. But his legacy is written. His time has come. And his days on the field are only counted by every second of practice and game clocks.

When the final whistle or game horn sounds, Paterno's staff will have to have their resumes ready, polished, and lawyers standing by to assist them.

PSU themselves will have to prepare for a Public Relations nightmare (which is already here) as well as to hire NEW football staff to rebuild the entire PSU football team.

PSU's football may have to rebuild in 2012. But as PSU starts over FRESH. And maybe some YOUNG coach won't have any problem of going more than 50 years (if God lets him live that long). And maybe this YOUNG coach won't have any problems of being fired up to live so long to beat out every coach's winning games (Paterno out-lasted every other coach in the NCAA in years).

But the point is: PSU's football program improves and grows into a stronger team into the future.

Presently, this season is still here. The situation is still unfolding. So we'll stay an watch until the football game concludes soon.

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