Sunday, October 16, 2011

MLK's legacy? NOT!

G'day Everyone.

If there was a man screaming in eternity at the living beings on earth, it would be Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am sure that MLK would swear so hard and do everything in his legal life (if he had one) to stop such a memorial that has given him GOD-like status to the masses. But the man is dead and spending eternity, whatever it be heaven or hell. MLK is awaiting the final judgement from God and he will realize that what he has done has made his worst dreams come to life, being remembered as an icon and as a God like status he has achieved. NO doubt that was never his intentions or his wildest dreams.

There is no doubt that he is pleading with God to come back to life and stop this awful legacy from happening. But we all know that God never grants a 2nd life to anyone from eternity.

What would have happened if he was never shot? He would have lived to oppose such an honor upon his life.

MLK is now a permanent legacy upon this earth in the land of Washington DC. But in eternity, God is displeased. If an earthquake strikes Washington, DC again so hard, we will know God is doing it for MLK and to remind earth that God should be honored more, NOT MLK.

For MLK, yours is a memory best forgotten and deserved to be rested. Pray for your people, MLK, because worse days are coming upon the earth!

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