Monday, June 27, 2011

Breaking News! Blago is CONVICTED!!

G'day Everyone.

The State of Illinois, the land of Abraham Lincoln, can cheer and breath easy right now. Finally, the former Gov. of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, has been found *GUILTY* of 17 counts of the 20 counts against him!! Congratulations to the Federal Government. This could be a blow against Obama's next general election.

if Blagojevich decides to appeal this, Blagojevich will have a harder time to find work in his life. It may be better that Blagojevich accept this verdict and end Illinois's political nightmare. Blagojevich is a redemption for the political life in Illinois and it goes to prove that there is no place for corruption to be in politics.

Soon, blagojevich will head to jail. Let's hope he puts his life in order.

Again, congrats to the Federal Government!!


This has the most info about how Blagojevich lost his case. Unfortunately, trying to talk his way out just got him in SO much trouble. Interesting fact is that Blagojevich did a lot smoke screen work in the first court case, but this second one? He should have taken the deal as soon as it was offered to him.

Hopefully, the judge will put Blagojevich in a LONG prison sentence. Something much longer than Former Gov. Ryan is in now.

Next update for Blagojevich will be August 1st.

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