Friday, May 6, 2011

Hearing and Deaf need to work together in Dangerous Weather!

G'day Everyone.

Lately, the weather has been hitting bad as it is. Tornado ripped across the Southeastern USA. Flooding is happening in the Midwest area.

But one thing really makes me angry. Why didn't hearing people check up on Deaf people?

How lucky was this deaf couple? I should say they've been extremely protected by God at the last second of their lives as the tornado bore down.
So why were they NOT warned as well? That really concerns me.

If a neighbor doesn't like deaf people, does he/she have a moral right to let a deaf person die during dangerous weather or flooding? NO.

When I was doing an internship in St.Paul, MN in 2005, I stayed in one of the apartment buildings. One of the nice people in the building teamed up with me because I didn't have a TV or radio in my room as I was just on an internship. One day, during a huge t-storm, my neighbor loudly knocked on my door urgently. I didn't mind it, but she warned me that the tornado sirens were blowing as a warning. She explained the differences that if changes pitch in sound, then they'd have to get to the shelter in the basement.
Thankfully that Summer 2005, I only heard the sirens go off as warning but never the RUN FOR SHELTER siren.

But you know, Hearing people should team up with Deaf people in the event of dangerous weather. We should be given a fight chance to live as well. Why wait until after the disaster hits to ask deaf people to help CLEAN UP and rebuild?

I care about my neighbors. They may not care about me. But one situation could change it all if it happens. I pray that it doesn't come to that.

My message is to hearing people and deaf people alike today: Get to know your neighbors and build good fence relationships in team work. Weather disasters are ugly. Especially since we are now in Hurricane season as well.

Best wishes for good friendships.

Till next post, I'll clue you in!

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