Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baseball's failed decision on Pete Rose.

G'day Everyone.

Ever since Jolting Joe (Joe DiMaggio) went away (died some time back) from Major League Baseball (MLB), there was one other hero I looked up to in my life.

Pete Rose. Despite that he betted and gambled on baseball games, Pete Rose is presently a human being. Every year, the Baseball Hall of Fame takes it's cues from the MLB Commissioner and refuses to put Pete Rose in the Baseball Hall of Fame because of his conviction.

But now, Pete Rose wants a 2nd chance in his life. Link:

You know, every other professional sports give their players a second chance in life to straighten up and play the game honestly as they should. Even some of the lesser players convicted among baseball players too.

Pete Rose? MLB and Hall of Fame says no. What they're waiting for? He's already admitted everything. What more could they want?

In My Honest Opinion: They're just waiting till Pete Rose goes home to heaven as where he belongs. Then MLB will say.."Oh we changed our mind, we'll let him play. oh wait.. the SOB is dead.". Hall of Fame? Rose will be a belated Hall of Fame honor person despite his death.

To me, as Sherlock Steve, Pete Rose has already gained honor among many people. Among both young and old people. It's time for Pete Rose to be given a 2nd chance in his life before its too late.

One suggestion: Put him on the worst baseball team in the USA and tell to win it all.

Let him have his life's last dream a reality before it's too late.

If it comes to be too late, MLB and the Hall of Fame may never be forgiven for what they done.

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