Monday, April 4, 2011

Obama to win 2012?

G'day Everyone. Great Balls of Fire! Is our President of the United States a very stupid one? I have to be truthful here. Look over the last 2 years including the recent mid-term elections. Now just wonder for a few moments and ask yourself a question: Does Obama have a chance to win 2012? ONLY IF HELL FREEZES OVER PERMANENTLY! Link: For President Obama, he has made a huge mistake when it comes to our Government. We don't have a budget and yet, this sitting President thinks he can win 2012. Unfortunately, I think he just sank all his final hopes and dreams of being a 2nd term president. It would be better if he focuses on the present problems in our nation and bring our nation out of its bad economic situation. The only way Obama would win 2012 if our economy would turn around and millions of people be able to go back to work and make a living. The chance of that happening: UNCERTAIN. So problem is this: Obama has just put his re-election efforts ahead of solving the problems of the government budget. Just like the BP oil spill. Just like many of the world problems he doesn't want to help solve. While our nation goes through it's problems, he fiddles. Maybe Vice President Biden should STEP UP and start taking command of things while there's still time!! In my honest Opinion, I don't want Obama in 2012. I want PRESIDENT BIDEN! BIDEN for PRESIDENT! And hopefully, the GOP will start putting up candidates as well. By the way, for those wondering why I didn't say anything about the NCAA basketball games this year: I really think the NCAA has screwed up with the refs. So many good teams got tossed out at the direction of the refs through the use of FOULS. As we come down to the final two: Butler vs UConn, I'm not even going to watch it. It has been the most messed up March Madness this year. Just about everyone else agrees. No matter which team wins, the debate will rage for ages to come. Lastly, if you hold stock in Transocean ltd, dump it today. With the execs getting a HUGE $$$$$$$ despite the BP disaster, their stock ought to take a big hit. I do not agree with this and wouldn't even purchase a stock that took part in this oil spill disaster. With lawsuits to come, TransOcean does not stand a chance to do any better for the next 20 years. So till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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