Friday, April 29, 2011

NFL draft and Season.

G'day Everyone.

First of all, Sherlock Steve proudly says a big CONGRATULATIONS and SALUTES to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Though I did not watch the wedding live, I have heard that it's a wonderful 3 day Holiday in England. Party on, dudes! (as Garth and Wayne's world would say).

Back in the olde USA, Space Shuttle Endeavour launch got scrubbed due to a heater problems. (dang)

The NFL Draft has taken place and Cam "CHEATER" Newton went to the Carolina Panthers as expected. Panthers better do well this coming season because if Newton turns out to be a BIG FLOP, Auburn is going to be mighty embarrassed about it.

Meanwhile, the NFL players may have won two court rounds but do they feel any better since they forced the season to open? That's the question right now. They could be facing angry owners and coaches in their locker rooms over the money situation. It would have been better if they waited longer before forcing this legal avenue. But now that the season is "on or open", it will be a question of how the summer of preparations goes and how well the games happen this fall.

There is one thing that the fans should expect from all this mess: Higher ticket prices. You got a choice of where to put the blame: On the players? On the Owners? or On the NFL itself? In Sherlock's Opinion: I put the blame on the players. Patience and smart financial decisions should have been the word of the day to survive the lock out season. That's why every NFL coach tells every player in college this: GRADUATE and GET THE DEGREE! Because you never know if you get a football career ending injury in any of the games.

So with the NFL season now open, it's the players turn to now start getting ready. It's too late for them to regret what they did legally. They're going to be pushed to earn every dollar on their contract by their coaches. Good luck to them. They're really going to need it.

As we roll into May 2011, I wanted say one more thing:
Today's post is in prayer for many of the tornado victims in many of the south states. Though the devastation is horrible, several friends and neighbors have survived. Please help and support with a donation to the Red Cross!

Enjoy the weekend and do keep a weather eye to the sky as always.

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