Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Latest post on Micah Brown.

G'day Everyone.

Last night (monday), the violent thunderstorms shared my feelings for Micah Brown, including an explosive light show of a transformer eruption! I know I quietly posted about Micah Brown. I did that for several reasons. I really wasn't in the mood for comments and I needed time to deal with my emotions and feelings.

Micah Brown may not have been a wonderful friend for the way he's treated me. But, he's been a rival blogger and he used to run Micah's Brain on xganda.com but the site's pretty much old there. He used to spoke politically about the deaf community and politics. I recommended to http://www.xanga.com/ to take down Micah's site since he convicted himself by pleaded guilty to all the charges.

Kind of like Micah to fall on his own sword before he would allow himself of being dishonored by the court after all that he's done to himself.

As the rain fell last night during the storms, so did my tears. When August rolls around in just a few months, you may well find me and friend in that court room to watch Micah stand for the last time and hearing the sentence pronounced by a judge. Pray that this judge does not have a bad day on the bench. It's been known that judges, when they're grumpy, will impose a rough sentence more compared to those who are having a good day will certainly deal more of a mercy sentence.

I do condemn of what Micah Brown has done in his life, but it's G-d that is going to have to deal with the remainder of days that Micah is alive. My biggest concern is this: How will he be able to deal with Prison life? I've been told that some prison people do kill child molesters. Micah can't always stay in his cell. He'll be given a job, an assignment. But whatever happens, his life among us is already over.

What I ask of you, my readers, to pray for Micah Brown. There is not much we can do. Just pray the judge has a nice day on his bench on August 26, 2011.

thank you.

Update: the story has made the Ideaf news.


mishkazena said...

I hope Micah gets what he deserves in the prison. I have no sympathy for that scumball. He knew what he did was wrong. He took advantage of the trust placed on him by vulnerable girls

I pray for the kids he violated.

Sherlock Steve said...

Mishka, you are not the only one. Many have expressed outrage on FB. There's a good chance that Micah will DIE in prison.

mishkazena said...

What do you mean? Die in prison? He's not old. Am I missing something here?

Sherlock Steve said...

Mishka, from what I heard, Child Molesters and Child Porn addicts are beaten up most often in the prison system. Some do die from the beatings. That's why Micah will have to ask if he can stay in his cell 24/7/365 or be transferred to a deaf friendly prison. To say it clearly, Micah is going to have to watch carefully of what he does. That's why I don't have much hope of him surviving prison.