Saturday, March 12, 2011

overwhelmed of news.

G'day Everyone.

This usually should be our weekend of celebration. Celebrate for what? For one, tomorrow starts Daylight Savings Time. That is pushing clocks ahead by ONE HOUR. So we lose an hour of sleep. Two: Though St. Paddy's day happens to be on the 17th of March, most of us are taking an excuse to party green style this weekend.

But, today is no excuse to celebrate at all. Today is a day for the world to head to the houses of worship, or whatever form of prayer you prefer of, and pray for our nation and the world.

If you looked at or CNN on TV or any other news station out there, you'd find wars, civil wars, riots, people in full anger at their local government (and some directed at our current president) due to the budget/financial crisis, you can wholly believe that the news is SO OVERWHELMING out there. It takes time to absorb it all.

Libya is already going to be in it's own economic meltdown in their civil wars. Other Arab states also face the same thing. Japan will take a long time to clean up and recover from the large destruction.

It's a sudden shame that disaster movies like 2012 are no longer a laughing or horror type movies to enjoy to watch. Japan's quake and tsunami disaster was something all too real and never prepared for. Yes, many people do get injured and often die in a disaster situation.

Right now it's a day of prayer of asking God to give strength to the survivors and the courage to help the nation and Japan to recover from the losses.

Please have a good prayerful weekend.

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