Monday, February 28, 2011

So long, February! NOT!

G'day Eeryone.

For some of us, Spring can't come fast enough. It's going to be here in a few weeks, but the flowers are coming up, rains are hitting and HARD in some places. Tornado season is starting early. Weathers are getting wild again.

February has been a cold month. Some of it has been extreme weather. Today is the last day. Especially on a MONDAY! We should be glad rather than being grumpy that it's another work week.

We're all concerned to see what's going on in Libya lately. Yes, it's turning into a nation battle itself in a civil war that going to be long and bad. The world does hope Gadhafi does one thing: STEP DOWN and RIGHT NOW! Chances are that Gadhafi isn't going to enjoy his oil profits any more than his Arab brother countries will. Gas prices are already going up.

My advice to many people? Be prepared. Adjust your summer vacation. Look at your spending and costs. Be aware of things going on. Stock up on what can be stocked up. Take advantage of sales. Use the coupons.

Heck, even the States and Federal Government are in a huge battle over their budgets right now. Things do not look good. People are getting angry as it is. If the Federal Government does shut down, shut downs by State Government can't be far away either. If more lay-offs happen out there, it will not look good for President Obama. His chances for 2012 will vanish along with the rising gas prices.

Pray for our country, my friends. Especially at this time of the coming Easter/passover season. We need God to help our nation as much as we can ask for.

So as February leaves and look into March 2011, let's hope March does not arrive like a rough lion.

until next post, I'll clue you in later.

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