Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lawsuit City against Employers?

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Could there be trouble in the making for employers who are looking for employees? With the economic mess still going on and that our nation is trying to recover, there are those people, who have been looking for work out there. There are people who been out of work longer than a year. Some 2.. some 3.. some 4. And some trying to come back to work even after recovering from a major illness.

But several news articles, passed on to me by a well known source, pin points to a troublesome trend:

The USA today article became my stepping stone. Then this showed up:

This employer and many like this one on various Internet employment sites, newspaper sites, and yes, in the news papers too are looking for people who are employed AND recently laid off. It targets those who haven't been out of work for very long. They want recent working people. And you wonder WHY that?

Here's another article: Link:

So is this trend against the long term unemployed people disturbing? YES! Especially to the minority people and the entire disabled community. State Congress people and the U.S. Congress representatives (our very US. Government) ought to be told to get off their ass and help this entire nation move much more Economically to put all kinds of people back to work. It may be nice for President Obama to order his Government agencies to hire more of the disabled community, but will the Government agencies obey the order? Or will they keep on using WRP Internships and hiring students right off the Internship bat? That's the $64 Trillion billion dollar question.

Maybe we, as laid off voters, need to get together and start talking to people, who running for election or re-election this spring and fall, to see if they will support a proposal that forces employers to start considering the long term unemployed people.

We're not lazy asses. But we've been wanting to be given a chance to do the job that we can do. We want to be proven we can work and that we're NOT disabled. Hiring the recently laid off people is a major discrimination.

What happens then if elected people won't listen? Should there have to be a class action lawsuit by the people of every unemployed American that has to sue every employer to ask for a job? Maybe. Hopefully NOT!

Nobody didn't ask for this Economic recession to happen in our nation. But as much as we learned that the recession was avoidable, it should not have happen under President Bush's watch. Yet, President Obama has been trying to save America from further economic depression. Yet, the patch work of band-aids and economic support funds only helps some businesses. It doesn't totally stave off disaster.

The Economic Support funds doesn't help those who have lost jobs, lost their homes, lost their life possessions, and living in the streets (some in tents). There are homeless people who have been begging for a decent work of a job ever since this recession began.

What will it take to put every American back to work? The rapture in which God takes a whole bunch of people off the earth? Are employers waiting for that to happen? God forbid! I think that's the worst case situation to see happen because it will be the worst nightmare for anyone in the world.

Let's face it. If employers are only taking the recent employed, or recent laid off, or the recent graduates of high school and colleges, or only the young people less than 40 years old, or non-disabled, or worse of putting illegal immigrants to work and paying them under the table, then we're looking at a massive life problem in our lives here in America.

All of us want to put in a day's pay for work. But if employers are only taking the best of the best (and I'm not just talking about the illegal immigrants), then it's a serious problem. Yes, God's going to judge this nation. If someone does have the gut to put a notice for lawsuit against an employer that will effect the entire business industry, then God help us all. It could change our nation's business and hiring procedures.

Just as last century's era of economic depression changed America (including in World War 1 and 2), we could find ourselves changed again in a revolution for a better economic employment of America for all people. Perhaps, Egypt and many Arab nations have the right idea (not only they wanted to change the country, they want better employment opportunities and economics in their land). Ours should be a revolution for a better economic life for all Americans.

That's where we should hope to see. If USA is the land of a better life for the Illegal Immigrants, then what about us? It's time for a true change. Let's make it happen.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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