Tuesday, January 11, 2011


G'day Everyone.

Last night's Bowl Championship Series (BCS) game came to an end on a controversial note again.
Link: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/joe_posnanski/01/11/bcs.game/index.html?eref=sihp

When you look at how the last five years that an SEC team has won the national college football championships, you know that something is seriously wrong with the BCS system. Right now, they're in hot water and so is Auburn along with their QB, Cam Newton. NCAA hasn't finished their investigation and second, if it turns to have been a mistake to let Cam Newton to play again, Auburn could wind up with a very messy egg on it's face!

Yes, the college football universe is angry as it is. Thus, it should be time that the BCS computerized selections be phased out (a complete and total disband) and a NCAA College Football play-off (NFL STYLE) be instituted! Nobody isn't going to care but the colleges if they wind up with a longer football season. But lets face it. The National Bowl Championship Series game has been getting more controversial than ever and it's time it be brought under control.

College football needs to be played with honor. But if some one's going to dirty the pigskin, then it should lead to punishments. Let's hope the NCAA does something in time before the next season begins.
Cam Newton should consider very carefully about his future. If he decides to enter the NFL, expect there's a few good honorable football players that are ready to tell him one thing when he's knocked flat on his fanny: "Cheaters do NOT prosper for a national title".

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Steve said...

Obviously... The BCS has had a lot of controversial issues... and how the bowls have selected certain teams with so and so records, and just because all the factors put in as to conference strengths, team schedules, prior year win-loss and prior BCS ratings... All this needs to be thrown out and insert a playoff format that will simply and truely crown the team that comes out of the playoffs to the championship game... Look at it this way...

Pit the # 8 ranked team against the # 1 ranked team... #8 team beats the # 1 team... therefore it's fair and it could be the #7 team against the # 8 team for the championship... still that can be the best way to produce a honest and clean fair fight for the title rights...

Jim said...

SEC is the Champ for all level
in the Bowl series? I think not.
I do agree they need a playoff
to determine who plays who for
the Champion even if it means
delaying the Champion game until
February. I even doubt Auburn
is the number one Football team
BCS because there has to be a
school that can beat them in a
game. Also, a champion team does
not have to have a perfect record
to be in the BCS Champion game.

AlabamaTalk said...

Well Sherlock.. Comes again to make a finer point of view... In light of Auburn and their toilet paper trashing of the city of Auburn and the campus of Auburn...

Considering Auburn being an institution for higher learning, and the students should conduct themselves as adults, instead of 12 to 15 year old juveniles doing the crime of trashing the place with toilet paper, everywhere.. It really is disturbing that young people of 18 to 22 years old behave like 15 year old criminals.. Truely a shame...

Now that looking at a bill from the City of Auburn to foot the clean up of toilet paper, I feel that the students and residents of Auburn should be 100% responsible for their actions... in the unbecoming of an ignorant stupid fool by the thousands.. they should pay ...

Crime doesn't pay... so toilet paper trashing is certainly a mere crime.. but when overdone.. then it becomes a serious case of crime...

Shame on Auburn fans for their own unbecoming of decent roots...

Sherlock Steve said...

things got worse for Auburn!

Goes to show that Auburn did cheat and Cam knew it.