Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Eve 2011

G'day Everyone.

Welcome to the final post of 2010. There are too many posts for me to go through to make something stand out, so I won't do that.

But I have been thinking of many of the things that were said and posted over the year of 2010. One of the big things that have happened was the Yehs pleading guilty in the VRS probe and knowing that there's still an upcoming 2011 Federal Criminal trail to happen.

The biggest event that changed the blogsphere was the area. The founder of WikiLeaks is Julian Assange. The question is: Will Julian survive 2011 a politically changed world that he has caused to do with his leaking of very governmental correspondence? I personally think he should have fled to where Osama Bin Laden is hiding and lived there. Personally, Julian Assange is quite going to be a dead man at any rate because every government in the world wants a piece of him. I hope Julian has enough remorse to say "I'm sorry " for an eternity of afterlife.

Finally, as we come to the final posting of the year, I am busy with New Years Eve and the weekend with a friend. For some times, 2010 looked to be a nice year. Most of it wasn't. A lot of things were not accomplished. But more importantly, God has answered a few prayers as well.

So I feel this SONG link for the final post is correct. We all got secrets. Perhaps some day, it will be time to share it with others. Enjoy:

Happy New Years my friends and readers. Please drive safe.
Thank you and God bless.

Till next post in 2011, I'll clue you in later.

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