Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

G'day Everyone!

Merry Christmas to many of my friends and readers! May your holiday season have many wonderful blessings to you, your family, and your friends.

Some of you may have a WHITE Christmas across this nation. But for some of you, it's a mess of a storm as well. Please travel safely at this time of the year. Remember, Don't drink and drive. Please don't text and drive. Don't use the cell phone while traveling.

Thank you and God bless to you at this Christmas time.

Now, back to the blog world. Short holiday. But the news world rocks across the nation.

In about one week, many states will change their governors, senators, and congressional Representatives. New laws will come into effect as well.

In Penn State, Gov. Ed Rendell is on his way out. Soon, if he doesn't fuck up on his way out the door, he'll be scandal free for his time.

Sadly to say, In New York State, Governor Patterson has made a mess for himself.

I feel sad that Gov. Patterson used his executive pardon powers to free a killer of his own race just as Patterson is in his last days of his Governor's office. Perhaps the State of New York should made sure the door hits Patterson's ass on his way out and the incoming new governor should be sure to kick Patterson in the rump as well. I would urge John White to return to prison for his own protection and reject the governor's pardon. This is NOT a blessing for john white because the crime he did is heinous as it is. It is just a political gimmick for Patterson.

Update: Another Governor, this time in Michigan, nearly freed another killer. However, the killer was kept right behind bars and he will NOT be free! Link:
In the New York State case, I urge NY State's highest court to OVERTURN John White's pardon from Gov. Patterson and put him BACK in prison where he belongs!

So whatever happens in the coming week for our nation, this will be the last lame duck congress and then quiet till after the new year.

Please have a wonderful day.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later!

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