Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010 message.

G'day Everyone.

Halloween 2010 has started this weekend. Mainly at the Gallaudet University's Homecoming weekend which is presently in full swing. Last weekend was RIT's home coming weekend and I heard that they had a fantastic weekend.

Besides of the Halloween being a fun weekend, I wanted to urge a lot of people to have fun and be safe. On the safe part, be careful of what you drink. Don't be drunk to be taken advantage of. If you go home with someone for fun in bed, practice safe sex to keep it enjoyable and healthy.

Don't be drunk and drive drunk out there. Don't drive and text at the same time. Don't use your cell phone or pagers while driving. Police will be watching very closely. Keep your eyes on the road because many of kids and adults in neighborhoods and towns/cities will be in costume this year.

It's interesting that Gallaudet University choose it's homecoming weekend to fall on Halloween weekend. So I hope there's good treats instead of Bad tricks.

More importantly is the heart of my message here: For some time, there has been a new law that has been passed in many states. Drivers do not know this very much until they get a ticket. So before I speak more, please go to this web site:
Basically to say, if you see a disabled car/truck, State Department of Transportation vehicles, Emergency Vehicles (Police, fire, ambulance, etc) or anything else out there, slow down and move to the passing lane. Don't take any chances of being near these vehicles for any reason because then police, ESPECIALLY police will have an excuse to stop you and give you a huge ticket.
You really don't want a ticket at all. Not only a huge fine, court appearances, lawyers, and having points on your license.
So please, above all on this Halloween weekend and every other weekend, drive safe, sober, and responsible.
Don't be scared!
Semper FI!

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