Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Don't Burn the Quran on September 11th!

G'day Everyone.

Everyone is talking about September 11th, 2010 Patriot Day. Normally, we would pause to reflect of what happened 9 years ago on the Eastern Seaboard here. The twin towers struck, Pentagon struck, and the courageous passengers fighting back to the death and bringing down their own plane.

That was the day the radical Muslim terrorists took to strike hate, fear, and destruction into the hearts of the American people. They did their job so well, they have been glorified. It has been said that "Allah" has welcomed them all into paradise. But you know what? They've been in hell with all their victims, crying out in pain, and realize that a 2nd death will soon come for them all in a very painful way.

Then our country responded. We took the war to Afghanistan first. President Bush had the right idea to go after Osama Bin Laden. But, the anger and harassment by Saddam Hussen on a daily basis was something that the world could not take any more. Saddam was attacked, captured, judged, and executed. As of present, Iraq now belongs to Iraq people again. Perhaps it will be a free country in time.

Now our troops in Afghanistan have just about 1 year to find Osama Bin Laden before they have to come home. Perhaps we should all take to the heart that we have tried our best to capture him. But know what? God already has captured, judged, and will punish Osama Bin Laden in the same way the terrorists have gone: TO HELL, then LAKE OF FIRE! That's where they all belong.

Presently, two things are happening in our nation. Serious stuff going on.

There's a Muslim group that wants to build a mosque not too far from the ground zero area. In my opinion, it should not be built anywhere near ground zero! It just shows that Muslim faith must build a shrine or mosque near the area where their "comrades" died in their attempt for their faith. But if the Muslims really want to open peace and talks with us all, I and many thousands of Americans with one voice shout this: " MOVE THE MOSQUE ELSE WHERE!" then we will talk. So far, several lawsuits are on the dock for it.

The most important thing happening this Saturday, September 11th is that a church pastor in Gainsville, Florida is going to BURN THE QURAN!
The Rev. Terry Jones, pastor of The Dove World Outreach Center, has said he plans to burn copies of the Quran to protest the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, but the White House and the top U.S. general in Afghanistan say that doing so would endanger American troops overseas. That I can agree of what will happen for all of us.

Many of the Christians across the nation have already (and still doing it) emailed, snail mailed, called, and personally visited this church pastor to ask him to RECONSIDER HIS POSITION OF WHAT HE'S ABOUT TO DO. For the sake of our nation, it's people, it's faith, and the members of military people across the world, We all do ask that Pastor Terry Jones do call off the burning of the Quran. It is no shame to call it off. But for the interests and safety of all the people in the nation and the world, Don't burn the Quran on September 11th! I'm not defending the Muslim faith or it's "precious book", but in the name of respect for the people and their beliefs.

So Pastor Terry Jones, yer being called to reconsider. If you do it, you will face more than an angry mob of every day citizens, military personnel, and Muslim people. You will face an angry world of people. Is that what God wants us to do with our bible? Burn someone eles's Faith Book? I don't think you want to. That is not what God would want.

But if this burning of the Quran happens on September 11th, then I call upon the members of the Dove Outreach Center to FIRE Pastor Terry Jones. Because he only serves the interests of himself and not to the ministry of God.

I call upon every Christian in Gainsville Florida to descend upon The Dove Outreach Center and rescue every copy of the Quran from Pastor Terry Jones and deliver them to the imam of the mosque in Gainsville, Fla. This Quran burning must NEVER HAPPEN. Especially NOT on September 11th, 2010.

Semper FI.

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