Sunday, May 17, 2009

Administrative comment from the Sherlock

G'day Everyone.

I want to remind my readers about my blog comments section. I know many of you have been kind in your postings and I want to praise you for that.

However, my dear friend, the RSGeo-007, had a bit of a *FINAL* fire storm in his own blog this weekend.

The result of the firestorm? It became a MODERATED blog.

I know many people are screaming *CENSORSHIP* and claim the FCC has a right to force us blog owners to OPEN the blog comments to 'all critics'. Unfortunately, as I quote back from another site:

I want people to know that since Day ONE, when The Deaf Sherlock revived here on, after the disaster on (Thanks to "the Truth"), I made it clear that the comments section would be MODERATED FOREVER! It only takes ONE DISGRUNTLED PERSON/READER to DISRUPT everything for everyone else via a firestorm. It's a shame.

So, let me share with you behind the work of my blog here. It's not easy being a moderator. It's all about protecting the blog and the public. In the past, I've had to be brave to open the comment moderation area. I've read some of the most nastiest stuff ever. Some things that have been said are enough to make my soul cringe in horror of what I'm reading.

But the easy part is: *REJECT* option is always there. Once it's deleted, it can never be called back. EVER! I've had to endure some days to go through the early reactions. But once those, who attempt to do the firestorms, finally quit because they know it's not going to go live post without my approval at all.

Blog authors are now discovering these days that they have to MODERATE the comments. We're just like the newspaper editors out there as well.

So, I'm saying it one more time out there. If you are a firestorm creator, don't bother trying to write a comment in my blog. My blog is moderated PERMANENTLY.
And just to keep things safe today, the comments have been disabled.

Semper FI.