Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A.G Bell Dorm Discussion

G'day Everyone!

I'm still following the A.G. Bell Dorm name discussion that is happening on the NTID campus.
I pulled up the following blog :http://orangebrownrit.blogspot.com/2008/06/vlog-explaining-open-forum-at-ntid-re.html and looked at how successful the forum went.

Now the next step will be the NTID alumnus to step up to the plate at the NTID 40th Reunion and explain THEIR FEELINGS of why A.G.Bell's name should be removed or oppose the removal of the bell name and leaving it on the dorm. I think we'll all see a major discussion going on during the reunion and have a lively debate to happen. Hopefully the RIT president and Alan Hurwitz will make personal appearances and take part in the discussions. This is going to be important to the entire NTID community. With a forum happening during the reunion, it'll be the most important part of all reunions. So read the orange and brown coalition blog.

Meanwhile, someone asked me if I would comment on deafread's policy about commercial blogs and any type of promotions by bloggers about commercial web pages. I will say this: the administrators of deaf read are only DEAF HUMAN BEINGS, but we all make mistakes. Some policies are good. Some are bad. Some times, their decisions don't please a whole lot of people in the deaf community. For deaf read, we just have to remember, they're not the best, but they are trying the way to communicate everyone's blogs to everyone else.

Lastly, if anyone hasn't visited Tom Neville's website and the ASLexpo site, you ought to and find some new videos !! Be prepared for LAUGHING HARD. (ah, if you thought DEAF PAGER lawsuit was good, it gets better with VP LAWSUIT!).

So, with two weeks to go to NTID reunion days, I look forward to watching "THE WRONG GAME" again. (ah deaf fear is present! WOW!).

Stay cool and have a Semper FI day!

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