Friday, May 30, 2008

Crime wave hits in DC Metro for Deaf Residents Near Gallaudet!

G'day Everyone!

I was up late at night when I got alerted to a fast breaking news story happening near the campus of Gallaudet University area.

here's the Washington Post article:

Scary to say, this hurts these students who are living off campus in these houses. Crime is up high. Sadly to say, will students move to the campus and dorms? I don't know.

So, if they can afford to live in these houses, It would be an investment to get an alarm system!
I am surprised and concerned for several friends who live in one of these houses. I'm hope that they are ok . Please pray for these students.

As 8th street area gets worse, crime may be going up higher. I have personally learned of a friend that been mugged in the last few weeks. Nobody is not yet dead yet, but how much of a desperate criminal will take a chance on killing a deaf resident? That is very highly possible. I worry that may happen sooner or later.

My hope is that the DC METRO police better be on the job and catch these criminals!

Semper FI.

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Anonymous said...

I was student in 1976 and several students at that time were mugged along the 8th and Fla Ave NE so that was nothing news to me.

But, break-ins. These criminals are getting bold knowing deaf students living in this house. Thats very dangerous.

I hope D.C. law enforcement take this seriously before someone catches theif in act and consquences can be severe. **Shudder**

Thank you for alerting deaf community.