Friday, March 7, 2008

Clinton's roadblock?, Student Protest in Buffalo, NY, DPN20 Tomorrow!

G'day everyone!

AOL news had an item that was worth reading today:

In other words, the archivists at the Clinton Library were worried that a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request about Former President Clinton's pardons would become a liability for Hillary Clinton's election. It has now just become fodder for most people to say "What is the President Clinton's Library now trying to keep hidden from the public eye? ". Face the music folks, President Clinton's final days were troublesome. It included some massive amounts of Presidential pardons. I'm pretty sure that Bill Clinton didn't expect that 8 years later, his own wife would be running for public office, much less for the senator's seat as a NY Carpetbagger lady. How much will we find out in the coming days of what Hillary Clinton is like? Will she complain, in a royal way, about how Bill Clinton abused his "Presidential Pardons" privilege and promise if elected not to abuse it herself? Or will Hillary just say "Oh that's Bill's problems, NOT MINE". Hillary ought to remember this: The acts of Bill Clinton's past will reflect on her as well in the present!

St.Mary's School for the Deaf held an in school and After school protest over a dismissal of a math teacher. I say a SEMPER FI BRAVO for the kids. But to the administrators of St. Mary's School for the Deaf: I give you a 1000 PIES OF SHAME IN THE FACE!! It was shameful that they decided to punish the students with a NO AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES FOR A WEEK!
Now that's excessive. Even though it was a quiet and civil protest. The students and parents were actually exercising their civil rights in that matter. I hope the administrators reconsider their decisions about their staff and lift the punishment early. After all, it's nearly Easter and forgiveness and pardon should be handed out fairly.

HEY! Save this link: This is your "ticket" to watch the DPN20 banquet live, starting at 7:15 pm Eastern Time (6:15 Central, 5:15 Mountain, 4:15 Pacific Time) Tomorrow, March 8, 2008!

If you are in the DC area tomorrow (or you live around there) and if you got nothing to do, head over to the Gallaudet University! There will be workshops running from 8am to 3pm tomorrow. Please see the for information on where the workshops will be held. Go over and ENJOY the day! Wow, 20 years after the DPN protest. A lot of history to see that! :-)

So, enjoy the FIRST Friday of the month of March. Party like an Irish! Have a SEMPER FI weekend!

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