Saturday, January 12, 2008

Webbing the pages together

G'day Everyone!

Well, I'm happy! :-) Everyone can see that ever shiny baldspot looking like a damn lighthouse and hope that some damn ship will strike me down some day. ahh, I'm being sarcastic when I'm really enjoying my new Sorenson Videophone. that's SVP for short. It's been a wonderful first day yesterday of reconnecting with old friends (and a few awkward moments). Even my mom's happy to know I got friends calling me on my VP and they won't be hitting on my other phone (house phone) and bugging my mom (she hates tty calls). But then again, life is perfect now. For a time being.

Yesterday, I had a person leave a comment to me about Ridor. But his comment line went like:

Maybe not.

Then he left a web page link for me to follow. And yep, I followed it. I didn't understand it first and choose to read later. Saved the link and then later, I went back and study the entire conversations printed. Ahh, gotta love that person who had the balls print the entire convo! Whoo boy!

But then, what shall I say if I say I FOUND Ridor's OLD site?
Let me warn you. The material isn't exactly kosher there. But it's rather a wonder assortment of archived posts and information that he's posted in the early years. So ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Meanwhile, I had a person who had totally threatened me in my comments section. It was "The Truth" again. This person terrorized me on my former Xanga site. Now I like Xanga as having hosted my first blog site. But, there was one ability that I forgot to do and that was to kill comments sections. oh well, live and learn. The attacks that the person (or persons who used "The Truth" name) left me feeling so uneasy, that's why I researched out and asked friends about what site's good. Enter Blogspot!
Here, Blog spot has great security. I'm able to read the comments before they are posted! That gives me time to head off the potential firestorms. (I had one too many on Xanga site).

Now, "The Truth" recently demanded in the comments (you won't see them. It is personal and deleted) that I be more open minded and let EVERY ONE post on my Site or else, she'll file an FCC complaint on me. Well, lo and be hold.. my good friends educated me.
So "The Truth" was trying to play a game of THREATS and trying to make me shut down again.
Thanks for the song, dance, and show. I'm not going anywhere!!

Guess what? I'm telling "The Truth" to go read and weep two web sites:


That's where I get my supporters. So I send a message to "The Truth": I throw down my kid gloves. I'm through of you trying to bully me. If you wanna go into a court battle with me, fine.
Just know this: There will be NO winners. Just lawyers laughing all the way to the bank with our money. So, if you wanna go that route, fine. Follow the old saying: When setting out for revenge, dig two graves. That's one for me and one for yourself. Nobody wins. Get it? Thank you.

Finally today, I want to say a farewell to Drew Gutches who died a few days ago. I have heard a lot of the pros and cons about him from nearly everyone. But I rather let God be the final judgement on his eternal fate.

For now.. Semper FI.

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Jim said...

I never heard or knew anything about Dave Gutches is. But I did a website search and found out what he looks like and when his funeral will be. Here is the link for more information: