Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RIT/NTID professor Arrested!

G'day everyone!

Breaking news is sweeping across the NTID Alumni community at a fast run as word reaches around the globe that an RIT professor has been arrested.

This is a news clip from and it's showing about the arrest of RIT Professor Michael Krembel. Sadly to say, it's not closed captioned. Comes along with a minor article to read.

The full story:

I am pretty much shocked about this guy. However, I'm kind of reeling about this person. It adds to my personal confusion long ago of another friend of mine, also by the name of Michael Krembel, who lived in Fairport, NY. This friend, who I called him "cookie" for short, was arrested on Child porn charges and served time in prison. Now I'm wondering if this man, this RIT professor, had taken on my friend's life for some time now? It's a real confusion for me.
But, just the same as everyone, I used to see this professor. I never had a clue that he had the same name as my friend. But right now, this poor guy is in serious trouble. I wonder the day if he's put in to prison.. will he (the RIT Michael Krembel) meet up with the old Fairport Michael Krembel? That will be VERY interesting to see. But I think not. Odds are too high.

Let us hope that Justice will be fair for the professor and many victims. Pray that God will comfort all of them!!

P.S. Pray for his wife. She will have to deal with this in a rough way.
Semper FI.


Barb DiGi said...

What? This "poor guy"? Why are you giving him the sympathy card? The professor alleged had sex with a minor! Why couldn't you say this poor minor?

Since your friend and this professor sharing the same name, isn't it possible for a case of mistaken identity or is it really a coincidence?

Sherlock Steve said...

Barb, I don't know if it's a mistaken identity or a STOLEN identity, but I sent to the Batavia police department of information about my old friend and hopefully, they'll find out what he really is. I just can't believe there are two people sharing the same possible name.. but hopefully NOT the SSN!! That's my concern.


Mark M.....s said...

read this part..."Authorities claim Krembel had sex with a minor last June. Authorities arrested Krembel Tuesday afternoon following an Internet sting."

Let's count ..June2007..July..August..September..October..November..December..January Tuesday afternoon..

Imagine how many other minor victims suffer before last June and up to recent Tuesday afternoon?

Do you still feel sorry for your friend, "cookie" and this RIT professor?

Sherlock Steve said...

I've asked for a confirmation on this guy. But let me say a difference here. This guy isn't the same person of who I grew up with. The person of who I knew, "cookie", is more close to MY age than this RIT professor.

When "cookie" was caught some years ago following an internet sting, there were no victims involved other than he posessed a lot of photograhics and other various materials in his house.

This RIT professor, having the same name as my friend "cookie", is beginning to make me angry that he might have stolen my friend's ID some 30 years ago. So that being said, I have huge doubts on him.

Secondly, I am concerned for all the victims that this professor may have done. Not to mention that he's had access to the RIT community as well.

Right now, it's going to be a rough time for all involved. My friend,"cookie" did the right thing to plead guilty and served his time in prison before. Where he is now, I don't know.

Unless this RIT professor decides to opt for a huge trial that will rough for all involved, it is my hope that he opts to plead Guilty. It will depend on how his lawyer handles his client.

Still continue prayer for all.

Thanks for your comments, Mark.

j said...

I know this is really old, but regardless of the fact if he stole your friends identity or not they are both bad people. I was the minor that he had sex with. Trust me, ny life is not all sunshine and rainbows...